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Real-time fracture identification and


Adrilltech’s GeoFracture service allows fractures to be identified while drilling, providing valuable reservoir information without the costs and risks of downhole tools. This identification and characterisation helps assess the value of reserves in place and assists the driller in deciding how to manage pressure and losses effectively, eliminating lost time associated with LCM strategy uncertainty. 

Features and Benefits
  • Immediate real-time identification of fractures whilst drilling.
  • Surface application: no risk of downhole tool damage or loss.
  • High accuracy: delta flow rates as low as 10 l/min can be detected and interpreted.
  • Works in all drilling fluid types.
  • Works in highly deviated wells.
  • Works in highly rugose wellbores.
  • Identification of microfracture zones below the resolution of imaging tools is possible.
  • Can differentiate between naturally occurring and drilling induced fractures.
  • Highly cost effective and low risk compared to alternative methods of fracture identification.
Challenges and Solutions
  • Fractured reservoirs are increasingly important for the production of hydrocarbons.
  • The presence of natural fracture systems is critical to the success of many geothermal projects.
  • Accurate identification of the location, size and nature of fractures is critical to optimising stimulation and completion programs.


  • GeoFracture is able to identify and characterise the downhole fracture environment in real time during drilling operations.
  • Timely data allows stimulation and completion plans to be improved whilst drilling is ongoing.
  • High resolution flow in/out sensors can be installed on all types of rigs and are suitable for all drilling fluids and operating regimes.
  • Fracture identification and characterisation is non-intrusive of rig operations.
  • High resolution flow metering also enables advanced kick detection to be performed leading to improved operational safety.


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