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Adrilltech, challenging the status quo through the application of drilling technologies

One of the key methods in keeping people safe is to engineer them away from hazards on the rig floor. Keeping crew away from the rig floor reduces risk and reduces any costs associated with drilling wells. Adrilltech looks to apply new thinking to reinvent processes and achieve better results than those attained drilling conventionally. Championing the processes needed to drill the best well to the statistical limit and reviewing current practice, we then look for analogies in day-to-day life, in nature and in other industries to see how gains have been realised in similar situations. This is achieved by breaking processes down to fundamental steps, then re-engineering using the latest mechatronics and finite machine algorithms we create more efficient methods, able to be maintained by the rig’s own crews.

Adrilltech also looks to re-invigorate pre-existing ideas: some ‘new’ technologies were abandoned due to their implementation being beyond processes or material science available at the time. Fast forward to an era of AI, Machine Learning, 3D printing, Composite Material Technologies, new manufacturing and joining methods: some “ahead of their time” technologies and are now achievable. With small development steps, Adrilltech has been able to repurpose technologies to add value in the modern automated rig environment.

As our industry moves through the Energy Transition, Adrilltech is mindful of the environmental footprint of drilling rigs and well construction. Our R&D team are focused on bringing technology to the rig which reduces the CO2 output of the entire well construction process by making the rig more efficient and enabling well designs which reduce the volume of steel and cement required, without compromising the safety or lifespan of the installation. Adrilltech is active in the promotion of technologies for Geothermal Drilling and has been involved in many projects to reduce the overall costs in the Geothermal arena reducing time from spud to first megawatt produced.


Successfully delivering value and reducing risk through the application of new drilling technology.


Adrilltech is an industry acclaimed drilling technology company which provides the most effective new drilling technologies at the rig site which have been designed to reduce the cost of drilling by improving drilling efficiency, operational safety, hole condition and reducing non-productive time.

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