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High frequency measurements

For better ROP

Adrilltech’s DrillVibe provides continuous real-time analysis of torsional vibrations at bit and along the drill-string without the need for costly and infrequent downhole LWD vibration data.
Adrilltech use a sophisticated data analysis software to monitor and interpret high frequency drilling data. The data can be displayed in the doghouse, and discussed with the Driller and Company Man to help decide when changes to WOB, RPM and flow need to be made to minimise vibrations and increase ROP. Drillstring vibration must be closely monitored to optimise drilling performance and, if left unchecked, can quickly cause bit/motor/MWD failure, pipe/connection fatigue, washouts or twist-off.


  • Increase ROP and reduce time to reach TD by optimizing drilling parameters to maintain efficient drilling.  
  • Save costs by eliminating the NPT and capital costs associated with bit, BHA and drill pipe damage due to severe vibrations.
  • High frequency measurement giving instantaneous Real-Time vibration characterisation (severity, duration, and frequency) to make quick decisions.
  • Automatic Rig Floor and ROTC Alert of dangerous vibration levels to reduce well costs by minimizing tool repair or lost-in-hole (LIH) costs.
  • Cost effective solution; The cost of this service is very low compared to the rig day rate.
Challenges and Solutions

Vibrations mean slower ROP. The drill string transferring rotational energy and weight from surface to bit; if this energy transfer becomes inefficient through stalling at both or friction along the drill string, torsional vibrations can be induced leading to inefficient drilling and, if excessive, can quickly have a potentially disastrous impact on bit life, damage to LWD and motors, and over-torqueing of pipe connections. The dramatic NPT costs arising from premature bit or BHA failure, washout, twist-off and LIH, or out-of-spec maintenance and repair can be avoided by simple vibration monitoring in real-time.
LWD vibration measurement often provides only infrequent data at surface resulting in less realtime oversight. For continuous vibration analysis DrillVibe makes high frequency surface drilling data available in real-time - without this, necessary action cannot be taken immediately to improve drilling performance or prevent catastrophic failures downhole.

DrillVibe provides a continuous real-time solution to mitigate risks and improve drilling performance in any drilling environment including continuous circulation operations.



The DrillVibe solution to these challenges lies in utilizing surface measurements of Torque, RPM, WOB and Standpipe Pressure for vibration monitoring along the entire drill-string to ensure consistently optimal weight transfer to the bit. Following selection of the DrillVibe Service, Adrilltech will perform a rig survey of existing surface sensors and drilling outputs and will provide a report to the client with respect to additional sensors and inputs recommended. DrillVibe can be applied in any drilling environment, both offshore and onshore.

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