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Making better decisions

Getting your bit to TD

Adrilltech’s patented BitLife real-time bit wear monitoring service combines detection of drilling artifacts with a sophisticated algorithm to make the decision to either pull the bit or to drill ahead to TD. By detecting, comparing, and assessing several features including cuttings character, alkenes and drilling parameter responses such as torque and rate of penetration. This gives an indication of the condition of the bit and its remaining drilling efficiency. The alkenes detected at surface are the unsaturated hydrocarbons which are produced artificially by drilling fluid cracking when high temperatures cased by excessive friction are introduced into the drilling bit and BHA. Adrilltech’ s Software provides objective commercial guidance for optimal timing of bit trips.

  • Operational and economic indicators for when to pull the bit.
  • Validates appropriate bit selection for the formation being drilled.
  • Avoid invisible Non-Productive Time (NPT) through unnecessarily slow ROP.
  • Avoid Non-Productive Time (NPT) by preventing junk or under-gauge hole.
  • Real-time bit condition indication, remaining bit life estimation, and probable drilling efficiency.
Challenges and Solutions

Knowing when a bit is nearing its end of life due to wear compared with a decrease in performance due to lithology change or other drilling dysfunction such as balling can be a major challenge, especially when the time to round-trip for a bit change can have a significant impact on well construction costs.

The patented BitLife service provides decision-makers with timely information about bit condition based on alkenes generated by excessive friction from a worn bit. Increased alkenes, associated with low Rate of Penetration (ROP) and metamorphosed cuttings, is indicative of potential bit wear. This unique methodology provides a clear and concise indicator of the nearing end of effective bit life. It is a low cost real-time surface solution that helps ensure drilling operations and well delivery are as efficient and cost effective as possible.


BitLife is a standalone service which can be installed either in any existing offshore cabin or can be supplied with an Adrilltech 10ft workshop. The system works with Oil Based Muds (OBM), Synthetic Based Muds (SBM) and Water based muds that have hydrocarbon-based additives where thermal cracking of the drilling fluid hydrocarbon components can occur. The thermal cracking produces Alkenes which are detected at surface with a conventional gas detector system. The results are passed through a series of computational algorithms which can give an accurate estimate of the condition of the bit and if it can make it to TD efficiently. This service is available for both offshore and onshore operations.

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