Drill your best well

DrillBest – Adrilltech’s benchmarking and analytics optimisation service provides a powerful solution to collate and integrate real-time and reported data, set and monitor appropriate performance metrics, and so highlight areas of potential improvement. DrillBest delivers tailormade reports and advice, identifying root causes of non-productive and invisible lost time (NPT and ILT) and Client to optimize project costs.

  • All measured and reported data integrated in a single, quarriable platform for data mining thus allowing immediate improvements in drilling efficiency to be made.
  • Powerful, flexible and scalable analytics and reports, both standard and user-defined to ensure that the most value to the user is gained to save thousands of dollars every day.
  • Highlight all areas of improvements to objectively calculate Lost Time and save rig time to reach TD as planned.
  • Create digital twins to combine the best micro-KPIs (key performance indicators) of previous wells, planning and delivering the ideal well.
  • Benchmark rig activity against standard KPIs and Statistical Technical Limit (STL) to improve the efficiency of the rig and drill wells faster.
  • Benchmark well construction against standard efficiency criteria lowering well costs to the lowest technically achievable.


Challenges and Solutions
  • Software consolidates all available data and information, including categorization of ‘flat time’, into accurate contextual time breakdown.
  • Ability to run detailed analytics to identify performance inefficiencies, benchmark against KPIs, providing review and improvement.
  • Allows the operator to drive continuous improvement towards achievable Statistical Technical Limits (STLs).
  • Service can be provided remotely and/or at the rig site to suit the client.



DrillBest is not a simple one-step, one-off performance review exercise, nor is it pushing towards a hypothetical goal. DrillBest approach allows continuous improvement towards a real, achievable technical limit for the actual well under review.

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