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Never get stuck again

Non Stop Driller

Adrilltech Non Stop Driller (NSD) is a sub-based constant circulation system that enables the continuous circulation of drill fluids downhole while making or breaking drill pipe connections. The system has been designed with a specific focus on the operators' needs by improving drilling efficiency, operational safety, hole condition, and equipment integration. The NSD system features a uniquely modular design and small rig floor footprint that make for easy system integration with other rig technologies. All NSD units are designed to be shipped in standard CSC shipping containers.

  • Prevent stuck pipe/lost BHA’s
  • Managing bottom hole pressure
  • Managing ECD
  • Improve hole cleaning, reducing wiper trips
  • Eliminating connection gas
  • Reduced mud conditioning time
  • Improved wellbore stability
  • Reduced temperature for HPHT
  • Better mud conditioning over each connection
  • No Casing running problems related to hole condition
  • Time required to re-establish two-phase circulation
Challenges and Solutions
  • Stuck pipe incidents are mitigated by continually circulating throughout the connection, preventing mud filter cake building up and maintaining pressure equilibrium.
  • Reducing wellbore conditioning and nuisance gas circulation
  • Helps reducing bottom hole temperatures and bottom hole Assembly (BHA) heat soak damage.
  • Mitigating cementing and zonal isolation as an FOSV for running/rotating liners to TD and cementing
  • Improves operational safety, preventing kicks and losses by eliminating surface pressure increases or decreases during connections
  • Provides seamless integration to UBD/MPD operations, offering unprecedented bottom hole pressure hole pressure control on connections
  • Reduces time required to re-establish two-phase circulation for foam/air


  • Preventing differential sticking, hole collapse, remedial back-off, sidetracking and lost-in-hole charges. Managing bottom hole pressure.
  • Managing ECD.
  • Improving hole cleaning and reducing wiper trips.
  • Eliminating connection gas.
  • Reducing mud conditioning time.
  • Improving wellbore stability.
  • Reducing temperature of BHA components for HPHT.


Over 5600 connections

121 sections drilled over 5 continents

Over 790 days of rig time saved

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