Never get stuck again

Non Stop Driller

Features and Benefits

The NSD System is easily integrated into the rig to facilitate:

  • Managing bottom hole pressure.
  • Managing ECD.
  • Improving hole cleaning and reducing wiper trips.
  • Eliminating connection gas.
  • Reducing mud conditioning time.
  • Improving wellbore stability.
  • Reducing temperature of BHA components for HPHT.
  • Preventing stuck pipe and lost BHA’s.

Continuous Circulation

Non Stop Driller System has been proven to reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT) by mitigating

  • Stuck pipe incidents and lost BHA’s.
  • Extended wellbore conditioning and nuisance gas circulation.
  • Casing running problems related to hole condition.
  • Excessive bottom hole temperatures and bottom hole Assembly (BHA) heat soak damage.
  • Time required to re-establish two-phase circulation for foam/air.
  • Cementing and zonal isolation as an FOSV for running/rotating liners to TD and cementing.
Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) and Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) applications

  • Provides seamless integration to UBD/MPD operations, offering unprecedented bottom hole pressure control on connections.
  • Improves operational safety by eliminating surface pressure increases during connections.
  • Eliminates post-connection stabilisation time during multiphase drilling on air, foam and two-phase wells.


Over 4500 connections

105 sections drilled over 5 continents

Over 730 days of rig time saved

Case histories

Murphy Malaysia Kikeh Spar

[14 wells, 28 sections]

Client identified problems with depleted reservoir zones resulting in drilling fluid losses. Relatively unconsolidated and poorly sorted sands present in the field geology. Drilling window narrow due to pore pressure / fracture pressure gradient uncertainties. Client predicted borehole instability, differential sticking, high background gas probability. Managed Pressure Drilling with Continuous Circulation System used to drill with lighter muds (WBM and OBM) and control the ECD/BHP accurately within the drilling window to avoid losses and NPT. Compact footprint of equipment meant this was easily achievable in a limited space environment offshore.


  • Minimised Drilling problems with NSD continuous circulation and MPD ASBP.
  • Prevented stuck pipe by allowing uninterrupted transport of cuttings.
  • Minimize BHP surging on stop start circulation due to gel strength.
  • Reduced ECD variations in narrow formation pressure margin wells.
  • Prevented Wellbore Ballooning and wellbore instability by maintaining CBHP.
  • Zero well control incidents or significant mud losses occurred during drilling or MPC.
  • No differential sticking in depleted sands or stuck pipe occurred during drilling.
  • Able to determine the drilling boundaries with dynamic FITs / LOTs.
  • NSD assist in hole cleaning of high angle wellbores by keeping cuttings in suspension.
  • Prevent settling of cuttings on the low side of the hole.
  • Prevent sliding of cuttings at hole angles < 45deg.
OilSearch PNG

[22 wells, 22 Sections]

Client observed multiple lost BHA’s whilst drilling surface and intermediate sections leading to multiple side tracks. Losses observed up to and including total losses. Foam drilling technologies were identified and utilised however time spent adding surfactants and breaking down the foam before making a connection added 2-3 days to drilling each section. Heli-Rig operating in the PNG Highlands so equipment footprint and personnel numbers required to be small and light. Continuous Circulation system was used to eliminate stuck pipe and lost BHA’s through maintaining foam drilling over each connection.


  • Minimised Drilling problems with NSD continuous circulation and eliminated NPT related to breaking down foam over each connection.
  • Eliminated lost BHA’s in top-hole sections and prevented stuck pipe by allowing uninterrupted transport of cuttings with total losses.
  • Small NSD Crew of 2 people to rig up run and maintain the system in a remote location.
  • Heli portable NSD equipment footprint easily transportable between rig sites.
  • Maintained strict zero discharge environmental policy for PNG.
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