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Real-time monitoring service for borehole

cleaning stability

Adrilltech’s DrillClean provides a cost-effective, zero-risk solution to monitor well bore stability and the effectiveness of hole cleaning while drilling and circulating. Used in over 200 wells to date it has proven particularly valuable in high-angle, horizontal and extended reach wells, in which precise and continuous ECD control are essential. These cuttings volume machines are installed at the shakers and are driven by proprietary software which is monitored by Adrilltech specialists providing real-time feedback to the rig/RTOC for rapid decision-making. With DrillClean, the challenges of hole cleaning are and promptly addressed, avoiding costly Non-Productive time (NPT).

  • Prevent stuck pipe, lost BHA’s and LIH charges.
  • Prevent borehole instability and collapse to keep every meter drilled.
  • Prevent pack-off due to cuttings & cavings followed by weeks of Backreaming.
  • Get a better cement job with accurate open hole volume calculation by measuring the total volume of rock removed.
  • Drill faster at lower cost with a better understanding of the effectiveness of:
    • Changes in drilling parameters
    • Changes in Mud Rheology
    • Sweeps/Pills
    • Bit selection
    • Hydraulics
    • Wiper trips
Challenges and Solutions
  • Borehole instability/Cavings and Backreaming.
  • Efficient hole cleaning in horizontal and extended reach wells.
  • Managing narrow ECD margins.
  • Avoid NPT associated with solids accumulation.
  • Effective cementing jobs.


  • Cuttings volume measurement during continuous circulation.
  • Software calculates open hole volume for cement volume calculations.
  • Real-time cavings quantification preventing pack-off and backreaming.
  • Onsite Adrilltech specialist to monitor equipment and provide alerts and advice.

Adrilltech’s DrillClean service is compatible with most shaker systems on rigs today with little rig modification required.
DrillClean is effective for both offshore and onshore operations and requires nominal rig footprint. This service can be run stand-alone service or combined with Adrilltech NSD operations. Data can be streamed in real-time to remote decision-makers.

Patented technology, DrillClean has been utilised worldwide, successfully preventing hole-cleaning related NPT on over 200 wells, onshore and offshore.

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